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Why Choose

Simple Surveillance Solutions?

Competitive Prices

Don't overpay for installation services. We offer high quality services at a competitive and affordable price.


Experienced professionals with a history of success, guaranteeing high quality installation & services.

Fast Installation

We understand time is money, and we work hard to deliver a quick and efficient solution for all of your needs.

Product Selection

Offering a large product selection to protect your business with surveillance cameras 

Why should you choose Simple Surveillance Solutions?

Simple Surveillance Solutions is dedicated to the success of both your business goals and personal needs. Having 3 years in the internet & security business, Simple Surveillance Solutions has both the experience and the resources to successfully complete any surveillance or network-closet related job. Offering a wide range of individual services and bundles, Simple Surveillance Solutions is able to efficiently and effectively run internet throughout your business ensuring stable internet connection. Additionally, our security services provide consistent video footage protecting your business at all times of the day.

Where do we provide services?

Simple Surveillance Solutions is located in the Midwest near Toledo, Ohio and our operations are currently expanding on the East coast. Even though we are located in the Midwest, security technicians will travel anywhere in the Midwest, East, or South!

Workers Comp Information

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Limited Liability Policy

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