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Simple Surveillance Solutions offers security systems unique to your needs. Offering a variety of cameras including 4K PTZ cameras. PTZ cameras rotate 360 degrees, follow people or vehicles, have a digital defogger and wiper ensuring that your property is secured and accessible through video 24/7. Choose from a variety of network video recorders and technicians will ensure your storage needs are met. Specializing in securing businesses and public buildings with 4K surveillance systems and access control. Smart cameras and programmable locks ensure your technology works 24/7 keeping your business secure. 


4k Surveillance System  Installation.

Simple Surveillance Solutions provides high grade security cameras suitable for any commercial or residential needs. View cameras live from unlimited smartphones, monitors, or have our technicians program a custom external IP domain. Custom IP domains can be entered as an URL allowing you to view the cameras from anywhere. IE documentation software is required for custom IP domain. With nearly 3 years experience and an extensive camera inventory our technicians are trained to recommend the best products based on your business or personal needs.  

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4H Horse Arena


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MDF Public Announcement System

IMG_1005 2_edited_edited.jpg





Access Control

4k security monitor_edited.jpg

LLC Residential


Fire Department



Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 1.00.30 PM.png



Public Restroom

Customer Reviews

Chuck J.


Our church/daycare needed to upgrade our current security camera system and add some key fob door system as well. The owner and staff of Simple Surveillance Solutions was not only professional to deal with, but also down earth to discuss our needs. SSS installed 21 cameras and 3 controlled key fob systems. The cameras are high quality with audio recording and the key fob system works great to make your own customized scheduling, that works best for your organization. We are happy with our new products and the customer service that came with these systems. Thank you SSS.

Tami B.


Awesome small business with big business know-how! Created an easy solution for our security system needs for our small municipal office. Exceeded our expectations with value and service. Highly recommend.

Anand K.


This company came and installed security cameras in our Indian grocery store! They were simply amazing. They were quick and completed the job successfully on time! One thing that this company truly shows is that they know what they are doing!

Matthew B.


Masons 4K hardwired cameras work great and are crystal clear!

Customer Reviews
cable mgmt

 Cable Management

Installing hard wired security cameras ensures optimum connectivity and real-time video feed. If not installed properly, cables can look messy and become easily tangled. The photos below outline our installation process for a 10 camera system with proper cable management.

Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 12.57.29 PM.png

Step 1

Cables are run throughout the building from each camera to a chosen location in the building.

Step 2

Outlet covers are installed to ensure cables are out of sight and protected.

Step 3

Cables are connected to the network video recorder.


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